Frederator Networks

Frederator Networks is a digital media company based in New York City. The major divisions of Frederator are Frederator Studios, an animation production studio in Burbank, and Frederator Digital, which operates several YouTube channels and an SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) channel on the VRV platform. Frederator Digital also runs the Channel Frederator Network, the largest network for animators, artists, and gamers on YouTube.

I worked at Frederator from January 2015 through November 2020. My job encompassed a wide array of roles and responsibilities, many of which are related to UX writing.

Some of the things I did at Frederator:

  • Regularly wrote internal communications on a variety of topics from memos about HR policy and updates to the employee handbook to welcome guides for new employees and process docs for intern tasks.
  • Wrote job listings with inclusive language to encourage a diverse applicant pool and support the employer brand. I also promoted job openings with posts like this one on Linkedin.
screencap of the about page of
  • Researched and wrote scripts for ToonNerds, a live show which ran on Channel Frederator on YouTube for several weeks in 2015.

Frederator Books

I performed developmental, structural, cy, and line editing at Frederator Books, a digital children's book publisher.

With thoughtful editing suggestions I helped authors polish their work - from correcting grammar and smoothing out meter and rhymes to building a single book into a series.

I wrote copy for the website to promote the brand and drive users to Epic!, a children's e-book subscription service.

Visit Frederator Books.

Read Frederator Books on the Epic! platform.


From 2016-2020 I was operations manager of StashRiot, the e-commerce subsidiary of Frederator Networks. I had my hands on everything from product design to copywriting and marketing to charge capture and customer service.

Serious Moop Tees

I designed this t-shirt, chose the slogan, and wrote the product description. We launched the shirt in Q3 2019 with an email blast and social media campaign.

Gas Powered Pin Set

This pin set was designed by an intern under my direction in late 2018 and became a top seller soon after launching in Q1 2019. I'm really pleased with how they turned out and am proud of how well they were received by fans.

Social Media

One thing I love about social media is that it gives me a chance to exercise my photoshop skills. I also really enjoy the way humor can come through the copy, the image, or a combination of the two.

In posts like these I balanced the voice of our store with the voice of the IP we were promoting.

Managing fan engagement and responding to comments can be an interesting challenge. Getting fans like this to laugh is always a rewarding experience.

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