Professional journey

I have been a language nerd for almost as long as I can remember. From learning Esperanto for fun in high school, to studying Ancient Greek and Latin in college, I've spent a lot of time thinking about words.

After college I worked in a variety of industries, including retail, food service, animal health, and entertainment media. I held roles like store manager, receptionist, executive assistant, HR manager, e-commerce operations manager, children's book editor, and probably some other stuff I've already forgotten about. It was interesting, and I learned a lot. But I was never passionate about my work.

Just before the pandemic, I discovered UX writing and instantly fell in love. I am now certified by two respected institutions and have been working as a full-time UX writer with global brands since December 2020.


I'm passionate about helping people pivot into a career they love. I spend some of my free time mentoring aspiring UXers at the UX Writing Hub. I'm also deeply interested in ethical design and creating experiences that respect our humanity as well as our planet.

I love stories. If there's a video game, movie, or TV show with a great story and interesting characters then I will enjoy it as much as reading a favorite book.

I also love music of all kinds. I sing with Supruli, NYC’s Georgian Chorus გაუმარჯოს! And I have some very low-fi recordings on my YouTube channel.